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Interested in receiving piano or vocal coaching? Fill out the contact information below and setup a consultation. Register today and fast track your growth!


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Specialized instruction in classical, pop,  gospel, improvisation, theory,   chart reading, and sight reading.


Instagram: @colinjboyd

Located in Los Angeles, CA.



With over 20+ years of instruction experience in piano and voice coaching in and out of the studio, I can give you the opportunity to explore contemporary, classical, gospel, improv.  and develop and hone your skills. I offer in-person and remote  lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced level students. I frequently coach celebrities and major artists in preparation for their feature film/television roles, and major performances. My deep understanding of pedagogy and clear communication style help students pick up concepts quickly and easily. I can help  you bring your A-Game to the stage or your living room!


Featured PerformanceS

Sabrina Claudio - Truth is Tour - Keys

The Masonic Theater - San Fransisco, CA. 


**click the bottom right of video frames to unmute**

Beethoven Sonata Appassionata, Movement 3 - CodA

Katzin Concert Hall -  Phoenix, AZ. 

Leaving Netherfield - Pride & Prejudice Movie 

Sabrina Claudio - Truth is Tour - Keys 

The Crystal Ballroom - Portland, CA.

Sky Rose chapel - The Prayer - Soloist

Chopin Ballade No. 4 in F Minor, Op. 52 - Excerpt

Again I Say Rejoice - Keys/Music Director -Saddleback Church

Sofia Reyes - Latin AMA's - Featured performer - Colin Boyd (Keys)

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/O Holy Night -  Natalia Chase - Featured performer Colin Boyd

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